About Us

Ms. Nipa Patel brings a surfeit amount of wedding experience with environmentally friendly best practices unparalleled when compared to other companies.  Our team members not only have experience in decor and planning, but they are well versed in entertainment, decor, and customer service.

As mentioned on our home page, one of our goals is to minimize damage to the environment.  

How do we do that?  There are many ways we help our environment, but to keep it concise, we'll mention a few.  

The primary method is too use recyclable silk or foam flowers over  fresh flowers, i.e. hydrangea, roses, orchids....  These real-touch silk flowers are made to look and feel similar if not the same as real flowers.     There is an enormous amount of resources used just to keep one rose alive, and that's not justifiable. Moreover, we are constantly educating customers to avoid the use of water bottles, and paper products by substituting glassware instead.  

We bring details, management, and execution.  These are the three primary factors that drive Indian wedding management to create a smooth event.  We offer Indian Wedding Planning and Decor services to fusion and destination weddings including popular wedding sites as in Key West, Cancun, Mexico and the Bahamas. Give us a call today (813) 408-5093 or fill out the form below:

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