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Indian Destination Weddings in Florida

Florida provides something for everyone when it comes to adventure, relaxation and, of course, romance. The tampa bay peninsula is home to many beaches, natural parks, cityscapes and more, all which offer the perfect venue for your dream destination wedding.  Clearwater has been on rated in the top 10 beaches by many reputable news agencies for the past 20 years.    Whether you’re looking for an escape to an adults-only oasis or the convenience of family-friendly amenities, Florida has the perfect resort for you.  With hundreds of miles of beaches to explore, Florida offers a diverse atmosphere from the panhandle to the Keys. To the north, Jacksonville provides a metropolitan feel with its beautiful skyline making for a picture-perfect ceremony backdrop. Heading to the land of magic, Orlando is a great locale for families looking for fun activities and adventures day-in and day-out. For those seeking relaxation and romance, head to any one of the southernmost beaches in Miami or Key West and say your “I do’s” while taking in a gorgeous sunset. Florida is here to cater to your every wish and help make your dream wedding a reality

Ramifications of an Indian Destination Wedding

Some naively go in the mindset that Destinations are cheaper as opposed holding the wedding in their own hometown.  That holds somewhat true, since many potential guests bail out due to expenses or conflict of scheduling.  Therefore, less guests obviates your additional costs.  Food and hotel charges are charged by person.  The DJ usually has charges based on ranges of guest attendance, based on their setup, you may qualify for a reduced price.    However, many of the venues especially in Miami are premium, so expect to pay more for everything.    Also, keep in mind of the additional travel charges including hotel, flight,  car rental, and food and beverage daily.

There's a surfeit amount of logistics that have to be arranged, once again, a planner is highly advised.  We see many brides fly back and forth to their destination to arrange everything, when it's all said and done, the costs for hotel & flight for each trip could help offset the cost of a planner.  

Cruise Weddings

Let's sum it up concisely, you will pay for everything only to find out you can't have everything.   Don't recommend them.  

                                                                                               Authored by T. Patel, April 7, 2017 

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